The Rules

The Rules


What an ugly word… rule. Unfortunatly, I have learned from my previous blog that they are necessary. They will be brief

Rule Number 1 – My Blog

This is my blog. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. I have the final say. Commentors and Readers have no rights other than what I allow. While I promise not to edit any comments I allow, I am stating up front that I WILL moderate comments and delete those that I feel violate either these rules or my own personal sense of right and wrong. Comments that are racist, or unnecessarily inflammatory will be deleted – accept this simple fact and move on.

Rule Number 2 – This Blog is not your Soapbox

Refer to Rule Number 1… this is my blog. If you want a platform to say what you want to say or to preach your own agenda, feel free to start your own blog. I am more than happy to discuss the topics and issues I post about but if a discussion goes beyond that, I will cut you off. If you don’t know how to start a blog, I may even suggest how you can go about it, but I will not let you blog on my dime. I pay for my hosting service – I get to decide what is posted here.

Rule Number 3 – Comments are a Priviledge, not a Right

Again, Refer to Rule Number 1. I do allow comments to my posts (there might be a delay as I approve the comment), but comments are moderated and I reserve the right to deny your comment. Get over it. Abusive comments aimed at me, my family, or my readership will quite likely be deleted out of hand and commenting priviledges for that person denied permanently.

Rule Number 4 – Stick to the issue, not the person.

If you want to discuss something I have posted about, feel free to disagree with my conclusions, methods or facts, but stick to the issue under discussion. As I said above, personal attacks will be deleted out of hand. Before anyone says it, let me make this clear… This Rule does NOT apply to me. I have been known in the past to make attacks on an individual and will probably do it again. The difference is that I usually back up my attacks with the reasons behind the attack. This is my blog and I will not apologize for my use of it.

Rule Number 5 – Cussing

If you are overly offended by any kind of profanity, this is probably not the place for you. I have been known in the past to use many colorful words and will probably do so in the future. Likewise, (for the most part), I will not moderate a comment that uses colorful language unless that comment is so filled with it that the commenter’s point is lost. Don’t abuse this, though. Remember, it is my blog and I will use my own judgement in deciding what comments to allow and what comments to delete.

Them is the rules, and they should be pretty easy to live with. The thing to keep in mind is that I write this blog for me – I own it, I pay for it, and I have the last word….


One Response to The Rules

  1. ApplePieKate says:

    Hi I’m new to the MTcowgirl blog. Really a terrific body of work. I posted to your Comment the other day.

    I am still pondering your article, and the implications of that amazing Law Library Journal article you linked to (I think it was you).

    I have a question that might not be appropriate to post onlline. If your wife’s daughter and hysband claimed on their taxes the money they made from, say, last summer’s garage sale, would that lift them up into a qualifying tax bracket that wouldn’t bite them on the tax end?

    I live in Missoula with my husband, cat and four McIntosh apple trees. I do make pies. I am a crafter too. You might enjoy this link. It’s about the cave painters and it causes me to ponder all the lost tools and materials that must have been crafted in the time of the paintings.

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