Meet the author, the Moorcat (otherwise known as Kenneth Kailey) –

Hiking at Birch Creek

Hiking at Birch Creek

Kenneth is a person with varying interests, a desire to experience everything he can in life and a deep passion for the things that catch his interest.


Profession –


While Kenneth has held many jobs in his lifetime – Nuclear Reactor Operator, Engineer and Compatability Tester at Intel, Police Officer, Robotics Technician to name a few –  he is (and always has been) a crafter. Starting at an early age, he was encouraged to craft by his mother and has continued to craft in various mediums ever since. Today,Kenneth is a professional full-time knife and sword maker, a gun smith and a Full Time stay at home Househusband. He also works other various crafts (quilting, woodworking, candle making and leatherworking for the most part) and he is always willing to try a new craft.Kenneth works out of his home and spends most of his time either in his craftroom or shop.


Political –


It is impossible to put a lable to the Kenneth’s political leanings. He has no political affiliation (not required in Montana) and when he was registered, it was as an Independant. While basically a “small government” conservative, he realises that sometimes, the government is in a position to accomplish a task better than the private sector and be tasked with that responcibility. He has been labled as “a progressive”, “moderate”, “Tea partier”, “old world conservative” and “nutcase” by various people in the Montana political blog-o-sphere at one point of another.

There are certain issues that he feels strongly about will often result in posts or comments – Second Amendment rights, The rule of law, Racism/Sexism, Personal Responcibility, Honesty and Openness in Representation, and the Waste and Abuse of Taxpayer money. He is opinionated, passionate, sometimes confrontational, arrogant (had to add that), but he will also listen to a reasonable argument and admit when he is wrong. Expect a lot of posts on politics on this blog, but don’t expect politics to be the only focus here.


Interests –


Much of what you see here will be about Kenneth’s interests. He writes for himself, and as such, he writes about what interests him at the time. A lot of posts will be written about his crafting, hiking, day to day life in Montana and his family.


Personal –


Kenneth is married to a Wonderful woman and they have been blessed with five beautiful and interesting children. Family and Friends are important to both Kenneth and his wife and they work pretty hard to stay in touch with thier small circle of friends and family. While you shouldn’t expect to see the minute and intimate details of Kenneth’s life on these pages, you will see occational posts of a personal nature. If these don’t interest you, feel free to move to the next post.


To contact me, you can email me at moorcat12 at msn.com

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