Recent Completed Afghans

As I explained in my previous post, I can’t just sit and watch a movie or TV series without doing something. Since I love to watch movies (I have over 3000) and I tend to get the series I like on DVD, I do crafts while I watch the boobtube. Most commonly, I crochet.


I got started crocheting when I was fairly young. My mother used to drag my brother and I to the Rest Homes she worked at. I understand completely why she did it (most of those people were dumped there by thier families and rarely get visitors), but as a young child, I was mortified to have some stranger hug me or treat me like thier long lost grandchild. For the record, yes, sometimes those people would pinch my cheek and tell me how cute I was – that stereotype is at least accurate.


To prevent as much touchingĀ as possible and to distract myself and these older people I was “visiting”, I taught myself how to crochet. It was only a few stitches (just enough to make simple afghans, scarves and other sundry items) but it was enough that I could “teach” those that didn’t know how to crochet how to do it and it afforded me some respite from the mortification I felt being there.


To this day, I still crochet. I do it when I am bored or watching TV, when I am on long car trips (and not driving) and when I want to just relax. To my surprise, I have actually sold a number of my afghans and these afghans are one of my staples for craft fairs. These are the ones I have completed recently.


Below the fold, you will find some pics of the ones I have completed recently.


My most recent afghan - approximately 6' square

A hexagonal afghan I made for my wife for when she watches TV

A rainbow colored afghan - over 6' square

A geometric black and white afghan about 5 1/2' square

A black and rainbow Hexagonal afghan - about 5 1/2' across

A 5' hexagonal afghan I use to cover my round oak table top

I finish about one to two afghans a month and I really enjoy doing them. It is fun trying to come up with new patterns and designs.

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