The Dillon Circus continues

We, in Dillon, don’t need a circus to come to town. Our Dillon City Government provides more than enough entertainment all by itself.

About a month ago, Dillon City Councilman Swede Troedsson tried to have the Dillon Mayor, Mike Klakken arrested for doing his job – negotiating the city employee contracts. This insane move was met with a great deal of laughter and disdain.

Not to be “one upped”, Dillon City Councilwoman Lynn Westad has decided to try to get the people behind the recall attempt against four Dillon City Councilmembers (including herself) arrested for fraud. She filed a complaint with the Montana Secretary of State and was told to file her complaint with the Beaverhead County Authorities. She then filed the complaint with the Beaverhead County Attorney, Jed Fitch. Last week, Jed Fitch declined to act on her complaint (not a big surprise…).

Westad’s complaint was that one of the three people behind gathering signatures for the recall effort – Former City Councilman, Raymond Graham, committed fraud by listing an improper city address as his residence. Her complaint against the other signature gatherers was that they allegedly aided Graham in committing that fraud.

These charges are laughable. Yes, Raymond maintains two residences (just like former City Mayor Malesich…) – one inside the city and one outside the city. Sadly for Westad, Raymond has established his city address as his primary address for years. He was required to do so (just like Mayor Malesich…), when he served on the Dillon City Council. This issue has been resolved for years and for Westad to bring it up again was a waste of government resources as well as showing just how petty and vindictive she is.

Now that she has been VERY publically slapped we can only hope that she slithers back under the rock she crawled out from under. One can always hope….

Other Recall news.

In other Recall news, the petitions for recall against  City Council President David Spehar in Ward 3, and Councilmen Swede Troedsson and Derek Gore in Ward 4, have been verified by the Beaverhead County Clerk, Debbie Scott. She is now conferring with the Beaverhead County Attorney, Jed Fitch, on the proper way to proceed.

Her job has gotten easier, though, because Ward 4 Councilman Derek Gore announced that he was vacating his position as City Councilman at the Council meeting August 6th. We can only hope that Spehar and Troedsson follow suit but that is unlikely. More antics are sure to follow in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to The Dillon Circus continues

  1. Brittany says:

    Unfortunately, Councilman Gore rescinded his ‘resignation’ the next day, in writing :( His initial resignation had been done verbally (whereas the rules say it must be done in writing to be legal) so there is question as to if he even had to do his rescission in writing. Either way, he’s still a Councilman :(

  2. Marg says:

    Love dialect that calls a spade and spade. I commend all the work and time you have put into letting people know the truth. I followed you and your wife. I am reminded by Swede/Malesich that I do not live in the city so they do not have to listen to me. Humans are much like gooey ducks (head stuck in sand). Nice to see you back posting.

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