Still here and some changes coming

As some of you know, last July, our lives changed pretty dramatically. To make a VERY long story short, my wife and I brought our daughter and her family back from Tennessee. This had to be done but it put a pretty big strain on both my wife and I. That is the reason this blog has gone almost dark since last summer. We were so busy taking care of things (ours and theirs) that I just didn’t have time to blog. Things have changed once again.

Our daughter and her family have moved into a place with another of our daughters and we now have the house to ourselves. It has been a month since they moved out and we almost have the house back together. There are some large projects we are doing now that we are alone, but I find I have time to start focusing on some of the things I like to do rather than the things I HAVE to do to keep things in one piece.

What this means for this blog is that I will be writing again. It also means I can pursue something I have wanted to do for some time – create an informational blog for some of the things I actively work with. The Road Less Traveled will remain active and it’s focus isn’t going to change much. I will still be discussing politics, Montana life and the things that strike me as “blog worthy”. The new blog will be primarily focused on Hiking, Guns and Shooting, Archery, Knives and Swords and Prepping/Self Reliant living. Since the new blog is primarily an informational site, I am sure that some of those discussions will find their way over here (those topics tend to breed political discussions and the new site¬†will not allow for those discussions).

I have a number of things I want to talk about here already, but I am still working out the details. There are some interesting new developments with the Dillon Government, the State primaries are tomorrow, and the Federal Government is still the mess it has been for the last decade or so. I make no promises, but there WILL be more posts coming – and even some surprises in store. Hope to see you here…

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  1. Rick says:

    Awesome. Welcome back

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