Spring is upon us

Whether I am ready or not, it appears spring is upon us. It really would have been nice to have a winter this year but it seems that just wasn’t in the cards.

It is time to dust off the rakes, shovels and other tools and get to work. This year will be a busy one as there are quite a few projects that my wife and I want to get done. Money will dictate which ones actually get done but it is no use crying over the lack of winter anymore and a lot of the prep work can get done whether we have the money to complete these projects or not.

Besides the usual stuff (mowing the lawn, planting the garden, turning the compost ect), the projects we want to complete this year include – Putting a fence in the backyard so the dog has a place to run where he can’t see the people and cars go by, building a cover over the back porch to turn it into a psuedo mud room, pulling the door off the shop side of the garage and walling it in so I can finish the shop in preparation to set up a forge, replacing the “windows” in the shop with windows that actually open for shop ventilation, working on insulating the upstairs better to save on electric bills, re-designing the garden so next year I can put in an in-ground garden, hot boxes for tomatos, hot boxes for melons and a perennial herb pyramid in the back… the list goes on. It should prove to be a busy summer and if the fire season prediction is correct, I will probably spend a majority of the summer working on these alone as Brittany will probably be gone on fires.

No use whining about it.. time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

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