So many posts, so little time

One of the real disadvantages of being ADHD is that I get ideas for posts all the time – especially when I am working on other things like weeding the garden or working in my shop. While this may not seem like a disadvantage, it really is because there is no way (short of spending my entire day blogging seven days a week) I would ever be able to write all the posts that seem to spring into my mind unbidden. Further, I get ideas from reading other blogs and the news (both State and National). It so bad at times, it becomes overwhelming and I end up not writing any posts at all.

I am there now. There are so many things going on, I could not possibly put them all to pixels. To sort some of that out, I am writing this post. It will primarily be a links post but it will give you some idea of the overwhelming number of things going on that we should all be concerned about.

The Debt Ceiling Debate –

It is already the 15th of July and we are no closer to seeing an resolution to one of the greatest threats to our Country and the World that has occured in my lifetime. Yes, I personally believe that this single issue is just that important. A fail on this issue could easily destablize not only our Country’s economy, it could easily destablize the economy of the entire world. While both sides are taking a hardline, intractable stand on the issue, even as a political tool, this issue is rapidly loosing value, making the whole situation not only dangerous, but useless. Stonekettle Station has captured my feelings about this far better than I could have put into words. The bottom line here – just get it done and quit playing chicken with a Mack Truck.

The left decides to eat their own –

I have already commented at length on the very real split in the Republican Party and the likely consequences it will have on the elections next year, but the right isn’t the only political party seeing a meltdown. For months there has been a growing disagreement between the “Principaled left” (Hat tip to Wulfgar), and the more moderate left. This split got even bigger over the events that took place at the Governor’s Office, when a large group of environmentalists (both from Montana and out of state), invaded the office and proceeded to confront the Governor over the Tar Sands issue. Some on the left (primarily the “Principaled Left”) have expressed support for the protestors and are attempting to downplay what can only be called their childish behavior. Some on the left have tried to point out that demonstrations like this are counter productive. This has devolved in a major pissing contest between these two groups online and as of this writing, it doesn’t appear to be settling at all.  It should be pointed out, though, that almost all of the media coverage of this event has been negative and the right leaning blogs are starting to pick this one up and use it against the left. I feel that demonstrations like this are not only useless, they hurt the very causes they are meant to promote. While I feel some sympathy for the position of the protestors (though for different reasons), I simply cannot get behind supporting this protest or the groups that initiated it. They need to learn a little respect and how to rationally and effectively approach their issue. Worse, I personally feel that it is actions like this one that caused the entire situation to occur in the first place. I will be devoting more pixels to that later in a seperate post.

Backlash in Wisconsin over the attempt to kill public unions –

A post was put up on one of the far left sites about the backlash being felt in Wisconsin over the attempt to minimize the public unions by the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor’s office. It appears that a number of Senators are now facing recall and the Governor might also have to face recall. I would have to agree with Wulgar’s critique of the post, though. It is all too common to misrepresent those involved in activism based on your own position in the political spectrum. Sadly, that can be seen all over the internet and media these days.

Rehberg gets stupid again –

In the upcoming Rehberg / Tester contest for the Montana Senate Seat, Rehberg really doesn’t understand history at all. When Tester entered the race against Conrad (conman) Burns, he was never predicted to win that race. First he had to face a serious contest against Morrison to win the primary, then he had to face off against Burns, an established and well funded incombant. There are as many opinions out there about why Tester won the race but almost all of them agree on one point – Burns sabotaged himself himself by opening his mouth and saying really dumb things. Now, Rehberg seems to be doing down the same path. Rehberg was recently quoted as attacking Tester for the five times Tester voted to raise the Debt Ceiling while in office. Doesn’t Rehberg realise that we know how many times Rehberg voted to raise the Debt Ceiling? As was pointed out in the comments to that post, Rehberg further voted (under Bush) to borrow the very money we are now having to pay the interest on – and why we have to raise the Debt Ceiling. Open mouth, insert foot, chew.

On the home front –

Progress is continuing on home improvement projects and in making our place more self sufficient. The drain lines are done and the holes are filled in. I have planted grass over the area and it is now starting to come up. The front Rasberry bed is done and the tranplanted rasberries are recovering from their transplant shock. More importantly, the shop is now ready for me to start cutting blades. There is still work to be done (the front overhead door needs to be pulled out and replaced with a permanent wall, I still have to get and set up my forge, I still have some tools to get to do certain tasks) but I am now to the point that the majority of tools are set up and I can start working on knives. Pics to follow.

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