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It is time to loosen up your underwear, it is effecting your brain

Some days, I love Facebook. I like to see what is happening with my friends, I like the articles I read on the various pages I have liked and I like the cool ideas and information I gather from various … Continue reading

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Radicalizing the Internet

In a recent comment conversation about Dark Money on another blog, my Brother made a statement that has stayed with me. Dark money is *not* the biggest threat to Democracy today. Radicalization in the Internet age is, but that’s a … Continue reading

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Gun Grabbers do exist

For the most part, I have tried to stay out of the debates and arguments about gun control currently circulating around the internet. It is my belief that the only thing we are probably going to see come out of … Continue reading

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Election 2012 – Filling out the ballot

This election cycle has been one of lies, misinformation and rancor the likes of which I have never seen in 50 years. The very idea that our politicians can lie to us – knowing that fact checkers will be commenting … Continue reading

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My Kryptonite

Reading through the various blog entries here in Montana and elsewhere, I am once again struck by what I can only characterize as willful stupidity. It simply amazes me that in the so called “information age”, that people would choose … Continue reading

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Jumping off the Cliff

In the last couple of weeks, I have been using a phrase on Facebook that many people wanted me to clarify. The simple fact that people are unaware of the financial cliff we are facing is more concerning to me … Continue reading

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Malesich at it again

In a previous post, I described a situation where a former City Councilman approached me about reporting on the actions of the Dillon City Government. At the time I was understandably confused given the history of my blog reporting on … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Store

Brittany and I had to go to the local Supermarket to pick up some stuff I needed for work around the house. We had no sooner gotten out of our van before an Ex Dillon City Councilman floored me by … Continue reading

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The Buffett Rule fails – or did it?

As reported on CNN, the Republicans in the Senate were able to force a 60 vote rule on the vote for the  “Paying a Fair Share Act,” (The so-called Buffett Rule), and because the Democrats were unable to muster the necessary … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Jefferson Dinner

I want to get this down while it is still relatively fresh in my head. These are my impressions of the Candidates I met at the Jefferson-Jackson Democratic Dinner here in Dillon. I want to preface this by saying that I … Continue reading

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